I help small businesses increase their revenue by 30% in under 90 days by teaching world-class business strategies and tactics through online training programs, workshops and live events.

James Bailey, 10X Business Coach

I work with a handful of clients and really concentrate my attention on them, giving me the advantage to deliver quality service that really makes a difference.
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Grant Cardone
A consistent foundation of how to be successful in sales.
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Learn how to achieve your goal whether it's maximum potential, profit, or payout.
James Bailey

 About James

James has partnered with one of the World’s Top Influential Business Billionaires, Grant Cardone. To Maximize your business’s Bottom Line and Revenue through Proven Marketing, Closing and Scaling Strategies. With Years of Experience in Leadership and Business, James is excited to work with you 10X your true Cash Flow Potential.
An interesting thing about success is that it’s like a breath of fresh air; although your last breath is important, it not nearly as important as your next one.” Grant Cardone (2011). The 10X Rule.

What We Do

We Help Businesses and Sales Teams Increase Revenues By 30% in less than 90 Days. It is like breathing in success with every breath.

Why Work With Me and Grant Cardone?

We believe that people grow businesses, so we work with business owners, executives, and sales teams, providing coaching to grow their business through daily practices.

Working with domestic & international clients, we offer programs specifically tailored for companies and individuals on, sales, marketing, & scaling. 

Before joining Grant’s team, I've been fortunate to experience a strong corporate & entrepreneurial career which reflects my love of business, interest in people, and talent for bringing out the best in both.  

My coaching style is client-centred, approachable, & collaborative, making it easy for you to share your stories and aspirations, and develop the skills needed to make a difference. 

We can truly turn your passions into a profitable business.

Understanding & Direction

Understanding your business, the way you know it, combined with taking consistent daily training within Cardone University, we will bring you through all the actions needed to move you forward in the right direction, so you can achieve the success you deserve.

Support, Guidance, Accountability

After reading “The 10X Rule” you know being successful takes effort. So, in full transparency, your success depends on continuous learning, discipline, and pushing through the uncomfortable.

Working together; You, Me, and the entire Cardone Team, we will help you through this journey, so you can reach your biggest dreams.

Let’s connect to see if our coaching is right for you.

- James

Communication is the Key

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